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Mint NFT

Welcome to the dicounted CMI mint.

How to buy...

  • Metamask extention

    WEB BROWSER ONLY! make sure to install Metamask extension from the official website: Metamask .

  • Polygon network

    Make sure to add MATIC/polygon network to you Metamask and have sufficient balance. Go to Metamask Settings -> Networks -> Add new :
    Network Name : Polygon Mainnet
    New RPC URL :
    Chain ID : 137
    Currency Symbol : MATIC
    Block Explorer URL :
    Or check the official document: Add Polygon to metamask

  • Connect and purchase

    Connect your Metamask to the website select the amount you want to purchase "Up to 6 NFTs" and click buy.

Please make sure you are connected to the right network (Polygon Mainnet) and the correct address. Please note: Once you make the purchase, you cannot undo this action.
We have set the gas limit to 285000 for the contract to successfully mint your NFT. We recommend that you don’t lower the gas limit.