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Crypto Monster Inc

Beware of Little Monsters!

High-quality 6,666 monsters are waiting for you to feed them. Do not hesitate to mint them and add them to your NFT collection.

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Meet the Monsters

Collection of 6 monsters

6,666 one-of-a-kind drawn collection NFTs on the Polygon blockchain. Each trait is meticulously digitally-drawn and crafted, then generated by an algorithm to create unique art pieces.

We are a group of passionate designers, innovators and builders with plans to completely diversify our monsters into the new era. Team

Why Polygon Network?: Polygon’s integration with OpenSea provides users with a seamless shopping and coinage experience, as side as low gas costs This will help the users trade our monsters without worries about the expenses, which will help our plans of spreading our cute monsters with all NFT’s lovers around the world.

What crypto monsters inc? the name is inspired by the animation movie “Monster INC” which is our favorite movie as kid. It proved that laughter is a more effective form of power and a new way to fuel society. With laughter and happiness our community could keep itself from drowning in these dark sentiments, here we provide funny and cute monsters with our project.



NFT monster example : mint NFT



NFT monster example : mint NFT



NFT monster example : mint NFT



NFT monster example : mint NFT



NFT monster example : mint NFT



NFT monster example : mint NFT


We build Your Product

Crypto monster inc

6,666 Monsters are ready to be minted on the $MATIC network. the first release of the ever-expanding Crypto monster inc. but, that’s not all that’s launching…

The treasury

a percentage of funds from minting will be allocated towards our large treasury mechanism. we plan to make our first treasury purchases post-mint based upon the community’s votes.

Charity Plans

We firmly believe in equal opportunities for all human beings. Therefore we are proud to announce that 3% "Creator Earnings" of our collection profit will be donated to charities dedicated to aiding refugees worldwide.

Team background

Apparel shop

Our webshop will be ready for you, you can purchase Items with altcoin or CMI "soon "coin, feature to customize you apparel with your hold NFT design.

Mint now

mint yourself a monster!

NFT Airdrop

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random 10 winners

Our Team

nice to meet you all, we are the team behind CMI

We are a group of passionate people, originally from Damascus Syria, located in different cities around the world “Amsterdam-NL, Phoenix- AZ, Istanbul-TR “. We want to keep all doors open as it creates wonderful opportunities to explore in the ever changing NFT world. We are doing our best to reach the world with our NFT project and prove that anyone can reach their goal no matter what is your background and circumstances.

Danny Mosaly

Founder & developer

Ramez Gazouli

Marketing manager 

Ghiath Dali

Designer & Content

Roland Kabalan

Finance & Planner


Your Frequently Asked CMI Questions.

An NFT is a ‘Non Fungible Token’ stored on the blockchain. They use the blockchain to provide a digital signature of ownership, unable to be duplicated. Commonly used most with art using the Ethereum blockchain through marketplaces like OpenSea, where Monster Inc will be listed.

Sunday the 23th January 2022, with an option to delay until the 25th January.

You will be able to mint via our official website when the launch date arrives.

33 Polygon

There are only 80 Whitelist Spots, the team included.

There will be 6.666 Crypto monsters consisting of 6 figures with different rarities released into the blockchain.

A foundation is a fundraising business method that directly pays their selected charities through donations. This enables a foundation to pick what they raise money for and donate it to specific charities and follow the donation’s end path without doing the actual charity work. In other words, save it for the professionals and talented people at the charities but give them the funding they need to continue the outstanding work they do. This creates value through purpose and by supporting what means the most to the foundation and donators.

You can collect Monsters just to be the proud owner of your own pirate NFT, you can try to sell them for profit on OpenSea or private trade, you can even hold them to be used in our upcoming digital monster game! 

Many NFT collectors buy and sell NFTs for considerable profit! If you want to sell your Crypto monster, visit our Opensea Crypto Monster Inc page above and follow Opensea’s NFT Selling guide. Good luck!

All of our NFTs currently sit on the Polygon blockchain, with new mints at 30 MATIC per NFT. Gas fees are almost zero as they are on the Polygon network.

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